Richland Center-Sta Teresa Sister City Project works in several areas dealing with primary and secondary education including:

School construction and repair

SCP cooperated with the Minister of Education to improve the roof and replace the windows at some of the schools in 2013. 

Community members worked on the construction. 

Some scholarship recipients completed their community service requirement by helping in the work.


School gardens

Tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, and watermelons are tended by the students.  

As the school year progresses, students can enjoy the produce in their school lunch. SCP provides seeds and technical support.

Parents and scholarship recipients provide much of the labor.



Mothers from the community take turns cooking a hot meal at lunch time in a nearby kitchen.  The menu includes beans, rice, and plátano, with the addition of school garden vegetables when they are available.  
Basic nutrition is provided by the government, with supplemental support from SCP.

Packets of school supplies are provided for each of the preschool and elementary school children and their teachers in the five Chacocente schools – La Chota, El Terrero, Escalante, La Poma, and El Papalon. 

In 2013 that was almost 200 packets!   If there are extra funds in this budget they can be used to provide needed classroom equipment.  

All 19 secondary scholarship recipients successfully completed the 2013 school year. Each student achieved 80% or greater in their courses, and completed 10 hours of community service each semester.  
This program has greatly increased the number of students continuing their education beyond the local elementary school. Our first three recipients have graduated and have plans to pursue college work.   For details contact