Health and Sanitation

SCP works in several areas to improve both health and sanitation. These include:

Construction of wells with covers and manual pumps

SCP provides funds for bricks and cement, while Chacocente community members themselves are responsible for the digging and construction of the wells and covers. The cement covers are made with holes for insertion of a rope pump. These Nicaraguan-made manual pumps, easy to use and fast, may be the SCP’s most appreciated improvement. To date, SCP has provided funds for 65 wells and 90 pumps.


Gravity-feed piped water 

Two communities asked us for plastic pipe to bring water from strong artesian wells to multiple homes. Women, who traditionally carry water in 5-gallon pails on their heads, are thrilled to have a faucet in their yard or house. Over 30 families benefit from this project.



Water filters

These filters are very basic. An unglazed clay pot sits inside a five-gallon pail fitted with a spigot. Water is poured into the pot.  Amazingly, the water coming through this filter is purified from contaminants and even pathogens.  Most families and schools in five communities have been provided with these drinking water filters. Villagers have told us that kidney health has greatly improved, thanks to the filters.  SCP has provided to date 190 water filters to the five villages

Latrine construction

These family-built outhouses have improved health in communities which formerly used the forest floor as their toilet.  People have noted that their village pigs are also now free of disease.


SCP provides the bricks, cement, preformed cement seat, and metal sheets for this project. SCP has provided 130 latrines to the villages to date.


Medicines and physician cooperation

SCP cooperates with the main government public health center in Santa Teresa, and also its rural outpost clinic in La Pita, close to Chacocente.  SCP funds a certain amount of basic medicines each year, with the understanding that these will be used for the members of our project communities.  We pay travel expenses for the La Pita doctor to give consultations in each community.  SCP Board members often bring medical equipment donated by the Richland Hospital.


Village Health Promoters

This volunteer network of Chacocente villagers, mostly women, plays an important role in the health of these remote communities. For a number of years SCP has contracted with the La Pita doctor to give regular workshops, teaching the promoters health care, first aid, and basic medical procedures.  SCP will also fund transportation costs for the doctor to do consultations in each village’s “health center,” small buildings built in the past with SCP funds.