Clean water and sanitation

The RCSCP supports 3 initiatives to bring clean water and sanitation to the rural communities of Chacocente. These include:
  1. Wells with caps and hand-turned pumps

  2. Water filters

  3. Latrines 

Health care

The RCSCP works with the local doctor and health care providers, promatoras, to bring basic medicines to the communites.  


The RCSCP has worked in several areas of education including:

  1. Building primary schools in
  2. Supplying school materials to primary school students, including backpacks, notebooks, and pencils
  3. Offering scholarships to secondary school students who maintain good grades. THese scholarships are used for transportation to the secondary school, books, clothing, food, etc. The students are expected to do some community service project in return.
  4. Establishing and maintaining gardens at each of the primary schools in order to teach children how to grow vegetables, the importance of these elements in their diet, and to supplement the provided lunch of rice and beans.